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New Outdoor Line…

High Point Market is upon us and the catalogs and email teasers have been on overdrive.  Chris has been nagging me to find new outdoor furniture for our back patio for a while….and I have just been too busy to think about it…..but now that the weather has been so nice and I am out there a lot more….it’s been on my mind as well.  Then yesterday, look what arrived in the mail……Outdoor Chippendale goodness…

Outdoor Chippendale Lounge Chair

Outdoor Chippendale Dining Chair

Outdoor Chippendale Side Chair

Outdoor Chippendale Bar Stool


This is a new outdoor furniture line from David Francis with powder-coated aluminum frames and UV-resistant wraps over welds.  They offer Sunbrella fabrics or COM (customer’s own material).  They have other great styles as well……but you know me and Chippendale.  These are definitely on my radar now.

Do you like them?

Family Recipes and an Old School Chuckle….

We had a nice and very busy weekend here in VA.  My mom got an itch to clean out the basement…..much to the dismay excitement of all enlisted to help.  Thank goodness that is behind us!  Then my sister and I worked on organizing mom’s recipes.  So many of our happy memories of growing up, and even today as adults, is sitting around the family table….enjoying a great meal and conversation with family and friends.


If you are anything like us, family recipes are all over the place.  In cookbooks, old recipe boxes, binders/folders and shoved in the odd drawer.  I’ve probably called my mom 100 times over the years asking for the same recipes over and over.  My sister has a good friend (who is a personal chef) who has so kindly offered to create a family cookbook for us to keep my mom’s recipes all in one place. 

In trying to get everything together we set up a free Dropbox folder and started indexing and copying recipes over.  The best thing about this is that I have installed the Dropbox app on my phone and iPad so now all of my mom’s recipes are literally available from anywhere.  We had so much fun going through the recipes and reminiscing.  Some of the cards were written out by my great-grandmother and long gone relatives….  We sortof scratched our heads wondering why it took us so long (and the circumstances that lead us here) to do this.  I highly recommend it.  We now have over 100 recipes in this central location…and still need to go through mom’s cookbooks to copy over her “tried and trues.” 

Anyways, my sister and I had a great chuckle over the text to the right of my mom’s Spinach Salad recipe (you might need to click on the photo to maximize it).  This recipe has been a go to for years and the recipe must have come from the back of a spinach bag…..many years ago as you can tell from the copy here….


My sister and I were laughing so hard at the “So Easy on the Housewife” comment, especially since back then the spinach had to be washed like 15 times before you could get all of the grit off the leaves.  Those housewives would be blown away by our triple washed baby spinach bags, don’t you think?

We have more family and friends come in town today and tomorrow.  Now I have an arseonal of recipes at my fingertips.  Now, what to cook?

Happy Monday.

Stress Free Entertaining….

In the last two weeks we’ve had 10 people in the house.  Lots of family dinners and lots of drinks and appetizers on the back patio.  The dishwasher has been running overtime and I’ve been grateful to have several sets of everyday flatware and china.

And then today, as the last of our international travelers headed out….I saw these from Le Cadeaux.


So, what is it about these that has my jaw dropping?

This is melamine!

Must have a set…

 …or TWO…

…before the summer entertaining season is underway!

Fun for Seasonal Entertaining….

We have a friend who always shows up for an occasion with some homemade delight that is equally as scrumptious as it is beautifully presented.  Every time she shows up with one of her platters I ask the manufacturer and I’ve written it down on a scrap of paper too many times….and forgotten about said piece of paper until it has been lost on the depths of my pocket/purse, etc.   I have been almost embarrassed to ask yet again!

But, I recently saw these very trays featured in Traditional Home.  And, I am going to blog about this so I do not forget the source!  Basically, this company offers 7 simple serving options, each in white porcelain with a nicely textured rim. 


Then, depending on your mood or occasion, you attach one of the “minis” on your platter for a simple and quick festive update.  Here are some of the “minis” I like.


To see the full range of minis available and to find a retailer near you, visit the Nora Fleming website.  What I really like about this line is the simplicity and versatility for casual entertaining.  What about you, do you have any great products suggestions or ideas you to spruce up casual entertaining?

Have a great weekend!