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Getting Crafty…..

You may think me a fool.  After all, I’ve used my blog space lately to whine about how tired I am at 31 weeks pregnant and how overwhelmed I am getting our house here ready to sell while simultaneously trying to locate a new home some 1000s of miles away.

So, last week….what was this busy woman, with a terrible cold, doing to get ready for the virtual tour photographers who arrive tomorrow?  Making moss balls, of course.

I bought the moss roll at a local nursery and the rest of the supplies at Micheal’s and JoAnn Fabrics.  Make sure you use special “foam” glue or else you might end up destroying the foam.  But, in all this was an easy project.

It’s funny, I have no problem paying good money for a custom rug or a to-die-for fabric, but for a commodity like a moss ball….just couldn’t get my brain around dropping $20 or so for something I could easily make myself.  (Yes, this is the CPA in me shining through.)    I’ll admit that I tried to make a version with beans….but couldn’t get them to stick with my glue…..anyone with any recommendations on that front?  I would love to hear them.  I think I need some sort of tacky glue that dries quicker than this stuff.

In any case, here they are all finished.

And, below is my dining room as it now stands.  This is as good as it is going to get….given we will move in November / December.  I never quite got a mirror of the right scale or pictures up on the walls….oh well…what can you do?

My little project is probably a little underwhelming in the company of so many talented DIY bloggers out there.  But, I am not the handiest so I was quite proud of my little craft!