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Dallas Shopping

Sale at Blue Print in Dallas this Weekend!

I keep meaning to do a regular feature on my blog about shopping in Dallas because seriously, I could keep it up for years with all of the great design related shopping around here.  When I moved here someone joked that the only thing to do in this city is eat and shop….. There could be some truth to this….

Anyways, last Fall I met up with a Michele from My Notting Hill (leave it to me to not meet her while living in her neck of the woods and rather, waiting until she was in Dallas on business…..) at Blue Print.   In any case, I snapped these photos (and a few are from a more recent trip) from this great shop.  Sorry for the lack of composition here….I was just iPhone snapping things I liked while trying to talk to Michele at the same time.

via My Notting Hill

The store has an incredible collection of art and vignettes set up so that it is near impossible to not be able to visualize how you could use a particular piece.  I also love that each time I am in the shop things are completely moved around.  You cannot get bored here, I assure you.

In any case, the folks over at Blue Print contacted me last week to let me know that they are having their first annual sale this weekend.  It is being held backyard BBQ style with a food truck and margaritas.  Here is the info….

Sounds fun to me….I’ve rounded up another design loving friend so we can head over.  If you are in Dallas, be sure to check it out!