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Pinned Because…..

I saw this on Pinterest the other day and thought it was a cute little vignette.  It reminds me of when I went to college, my mom bought a vintage poster of a girl dancing and had it framed.  It said “Swing with a Girl from Texas.”

Hello Yall Gold Foil PrintImage via The Hunted Interior

You can buy the prints on Etsy from this seller.

So cute!

Art Source?????

I am really drawn to the nudes that Jan Showers tends to use in many of her projects.  And I would love a few for my living room.

Jan Showers 2

Jan Showers3photo by Ronda Carmen, All the Best Blog

Anyone know who the artist is?

Care to educate me?

The Art Menu

Last time I was at the Dallas market I picked up a flyer from The Art Menu.  It represents a handful of Dallas artists and offers original artwork and limited addition Giclee prints (with free courier service in Dallas).  Anyways, I have only had a small amount of time to look through the works offered.  But, the work of Caroline Oliver initially caught my eye (can you see a theme in what I am liking these days?)


This is just one of the many talented artists represented. 

To see them all, hop over and take a look.

Have a great weekend.

Etsy Art….

I was looking through some of my pinterest boards this morning (I love Fridays because the kids are both home and we are LAZY in the morning)!  Etsy (and other internet sites) really do provide amazing access to talented artists.  Take a look at some paintings I found in the shop of artist Sally Kelly.


I love the colors.
For some reason these feel very calm and restful to me.
The perfect segue into the weekend.

Living Room Art….

Sorry for the absence the last couple of days.  I caught a cold and am feeling yucky!  Thought I would share a glimpse of art that came home with us on approval over the weekend and is staying!  It is by Kate Long Stevenson….an artist out of Charleston I’ve admired for a while.

Sorry for the iPhone photo with my husband who just wanted to get home to football on Saturday afternoon (can you tell how pleased he was?  He’s a keeper!).  It has been so dreary here I cannot get a good photo of it in the house.  I plan to get it framed and will share once the room looks a bit more pulled together.

I love this painting.

It adds so much to the space!

And it makes me smile.


I’ve mentioned before that I love the look of framed intaglios.  I plan to flank my foyer mirror with a set of four.  I’ve actually been searching for a reasonable source for these for some time….getting sidetracked over the summer, of course.  So imagine my delight yesterday when I picked up my mail and saw a flyer for a wholesale company who specializes in framed intaglios.  And they are reprsented over at the Dallas World Trade Center, so I can go take a look at the quality and options (you can choose mat color,  the backing behind the intaglio….linen/silk, etc., the frame finish, and they will even color the intaglios if you like).

I have rounded up a bunch of images of framed intaglios.  Tonight, my husband is going through the catalog to pick ones that have some meaning for us (he loves history…so while I like the aesthetic….he likes the significance!)

The above image is via Horchow.  Incidentally, when looking at the frames closely I am guessing these came from the same source as the one I’ve found.

Designer, Julie Kayes via Traditional Home

Hampton Hostess

Suzanne Kasler, Photography by Peter Estersohn for Architectural Digest

So what do you think?

Like the look?

Art Love, Kate Long Stevenson….

I’ve done a few posts recently about finding art for the house.  I don’t want to rush into anything…..I’d rather have a bare wall for a while and wait for something that really speaks to me.  Here is an artist’s work that does just that.  Have you heard of Kate Long Stevenson?

The photo above is the first of Stevenson’s paintings I stumbled upon.  She actually donated it to The Pink House in honor of a lost friend.  The story makes the painting that much more special.  Isn’t that what art is about?

Here are just a few examples of why I love her work.

I contacted Kate and learned that a local Dallas shop, BluePrint, had one of her paintings.  I went over there to take a look.  It is a lovely piece.  Kate is also doing a show at the store in September where we’ll have a chance to see much more of her work.  I am looking forward to it!

What do you think?

More on the Beach Art…..

Remember the other day I posted about my love for over-sized beach art/photography?  I received some emails asking for more information about the photo I’d shared and unfortunately, I couldn’t find much more info than that it came from Canadian House and Home.  (One of my eternal frustrations with the lack of source info over at Pinterest…..)  In any case, by chance I subsequently ran across an Apartment Therapy feature on the photographer, Massimo Vitali.

Here are some more images of Vitali’s work used in home decor….

Philip Gorrivan, Canadian House & Home

Steven Gambrel, House Beautiful 

Burley Katon Halliday,  Elle Decor

Trip Haenisch, Elle Decor

Alexandra de Garidel-Thoron, Elle Decor 

 Iain Halliday, Elle Decor

What do you think?

Beach Art….

Maybe it is the beautiful weather here or the fact that we just booked a week at our favorite old Florida beach club…..but I am drawn to beach photos / art of late.

Canandian House & Home

When my husband and I go to Australia (remember he’s Australian) we always rent a house at our favorite beach that is a couple of hours from his hometown of Brisbane.  Now I am on a hunt for photography of Noosa Beach on the Sunshine coast.  Not sure where it would go in our home…..but I am sure I could find somewhere.

Hope you have a great weekend!


My husband and I have very different taste when it comes to art.  In most areas of the home…..I can convince him to let go and leave it to me.  Art….not so much.  Below is an example of what speaks to me at the moment.

Bear Hill Interiors

To my husband, not so much.

Do you struggle with this battle of the sexes (or styles)?

Any tips or commiseration?