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My New Blog

Hi there, thanks for visiting my new blog!

I’ve switched gears a bit to get here.  In fact, until my beautiful 20 month old daughter was born, I worked in Fund Management for a large private equity firm.  I dealt with numbers and legal documents on a daily basis, far from the creative content of my new venture.  Just before my daughter was born, we moved from an urban townhouse to a larger single family home.

Finally having a canvas for my passion, I purchased hundreds, literally, of design magazines for inspiration.  I became addicted to HGTV, thinking I had struck gold when I discovered where Candice Olson of “Divine Design with Candice Olson” listed all source information for the products used to execute her visions.  I read design blogs and visited model home showrooms.  I came up with great ideas, and not such great ideas.

One roadblock I consistently hit in my search for the perfect products were the words “Trade Only” that seemed to fall under every source in which I would fall in love.  The average consumer cannot purchase these items.

Trying to get around this, I called a local designer to see if I could order one-off pieces, without hiring him for a full service design.  To be honest, I got the message that this was not really worth his time.  And, while I certainly understood, after all I am a CPA….I can crunch numbers with the best of them, that answer was not good enough for me.

Hence, the idea for “Maddie G Designs” was born.   I’ve enrolled in an interior design program and while I will consider select traditional interior decorating projects, my main focus is to help people like me.  I want to help provide the do-it-yourself interior designer with the ability to order 5 yards of designer fabric, or the to die for sofa she saw in a magazine spread.  And, because I do not have the overhead associated with a brick and mortar firm,  I plan to keep my prices competitive, representing a modest mark-up on my wholesale, or “designers’ net” cost.

On my blog, I’ll post some of my trials and tribulations from the design of my own home as well as things that inspire me.  I’ll share what I’ve learned through the process, and hopefully will be able to offer you a bit of inspiration on how to get the look you want, without completely breaking the bank!  Enjoy!