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The Houzz “Best Of Houzz” award for 2013 was given in two categories: Customer Satisfaction and Design.  I was recently notified that I won in the Design category for Maddie’s Nursery.  I didn’t even know they had annual awards so it was a nice surprise.  Have you discovered Houzz yet?  I became a bit obsessed with it when we were remodeling–it is such a wealth of information and inspiration.  You can follow me here…..I plan to put up more photos of our house once I can get a professional to take photos.

On a whim when I set up my account, I uploaded photos from Maddie’s Nursery.  These photos have been “saved” by over 4,000 people to date.  I had no idea what I was doing then….and honestly, I cannot say that if I decorated Maddie’s room again I’d do the same thing.  I did that room before I knew what a blog was, worked non-stop in finance, and thought the neighborhood fabric store who made curtains was sortof where the options stopped in terms of textiles, etc.  We moved into that house about a month before Maddie was born.  It was definitely the only room in our house (where we lived for only two years) that was “finished” when we were relocated to Dallas.  Despite my change in tastes….I did love that room.

Maddie's-Room-1Maddie G Designs

Maddie-Room-2Maddie G Designs

I started this blog just over 3 years ago…..cannot believe it has been that long!  In that time, we’ve lived in two houses (Northern Virginia and Dallas)…having just moved into the Virginia houses not long before starting the blog.  What a fun ride it has been!  Anyways, thanks Houzz for the award.  I was flattered to get the news.

With that, I hope you all have a happy weekend.  Dallas weather has been GLORIOUS this week.  I hate to admit that Chris, the kids and I were strolling around the neighborhood in flip flops last night.  Makes the miserable summer heat almost bearable to have January temps in the upper 70s!  I plan to get outside this weekend and do some yard work…and we’ve got friends coming over tomorrow night.  Looking forward to a low key weekend with friends and my precious family.

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